@efi okay, that's a cool well defined schema, I'm missing context to determine application spaces 😸

@efi so noise as part of predictable sampling for an input range. Possibly showing something interesting to counteract the bias from the input without noise, yes? 😺

@efi not unless it's the computer programming versions of the meanings 🐈

@Marzimaned it doesn't matter whether anyone passes as anything, trans is a label anyone can claim in good faith πŸ’–πŸˆ

@Marzimaned so, much creativity in this piece. I'm really happy with how it fits into the larger collection of magic that's almost done πŸ˜ΊπŸ’–

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family name bullshit 

@pexl I just wanted to say thank you for linking housepets a while back. I now have squirrel species feels to unpack

digital eye contact 

commissions stuff 

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